My Kamikaze Heart

A Journey in Bipolarism and Anxiety

Collections and Confessions

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Linda Moon

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  • Watching the Wheels
    When John Lennon decided to retreat from society, he wrote this song as a letter to the world that he was OK just to exist. Walking away is difficult for anyone, but to exist on the demands on how the world perceives you and trying to meet those demands without happiness or meaning is a much greater task…
  • Desires in the Horizon
    I am captivated by the horizon’s palette of watercolors as it fills my lungs with the stillness of a morning embrace like a lover felt in the depths of my soul. I am mesmerized by its beauty. If I could caress it, cradle it in the palm of my hands, would its passion overwhelm my desires. If I contemplate long enough into the distance is …
  • Desires in the Horizon
    The vastness of the horizon is inside us. We may not be able to touch it, we know not where it will take us, but its beauty is worth reaching for. ~ Linda Moon


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