My Kamikaze Heart

A Journey in Bipolarism and Anxiety

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  • Through the Eyes of a Mother
    Thru the blur I see pieces of a shapely colored mosaic The smell of baby powder And hear the beating of your heart against my chest As you took your first steps upon a soft white carpet. The world whispered with its lips through the wind Coaxing as the sea came to the shore Covering your feet for the first time. I hear the rippling …
  • I Am Enough
    I am allowed to be a work of art A portrait masterpiece painted inside the lines, or an abstract expression scattered across the canvas. I am allowed to be more wolf than woman Wild and carefree, or tamed within my own wilderness. I am allowed to be weak and helpless in a design of my own strength, curated in a collection of mysterious emotions. I …
  • A Telling of the Trees
    I revere how they stand alone among the hundreds of others who have stood before them. Swaying and singing to those who offer nothing but themselves while the world wrestles and crumbles slowly to its knees. They stand in solidarity and nestle their roots unseen by man. I have listened during the stormiest of nights. Both arms holding on to what I thought to be …


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