When You Want to Forget

match in rain

When stillness hums inside your ears
and you feel your heartbeat
raise the skin upon your chest.

When unspoken words
perch on the end of your tongue
and you endure the distortions of your senses.

When the dark spots in your eyes
manifest an absolute reality
to rationalize unconscious thoughts.

When always and unable
rekindle an eternal recurrence
concealing what is loved forevermore.

When you begin to remember
as exhaling a breath awaits for an inhale
you will relive once more
you will always remember…

© Linda Moon

Silent Reverie

Forest and owl wallpaper
As a bird perched on a bending branch
She felt gratitude to the last amber leaf,
Bowing on the end of its twig
Intoxicated in their silent reverie.

She stares up at the sky
Giant clouds swirling like bits of cotton,
Knowing one will graciously land without wings
While the other will sing just the same.

These are the powers beyond the horizon
In the perils of solitude
In found freedom and letting go.
Plunging out of a dream
Synchronizing mixed imagery,
As she wrapped her wings up
in bedsheets like a nest.