Ripple Effects Sherry Friel

I sat upon the river’s green edge

And gazed upon reflections

Flowing above their lives.

Colored leaves floating

Without their branches

Swirling with rhyme and reason;

I leaned towards them

And one by one,

I gracefully held them

In the palm of my hand.

Glistening light filled my eyes

Touching every part of my essence

Like no other I have known.

I shall cherish this gift bestowed upon me

For which they came

For new life has come to me.


© Linda Moon

Photograph by Sherry Friel

Internal Flight

internal_flight_by_retrodiva3-d4hi58i 2

I am in an internal flight

Releasing of words into floating letters.

They entangle me with a warm, invisible touch

Dancing with gentle soft wings.

I melt aimlessly through the crisp white clouds


Towards the warm glistening sun.

I am boundless; never-ending

In a radiance of peaceful bliss.