Hallucinating in Thought

Hallucinating in thought artist unknown

Stillness comes to me in this moment
A prey of imagery and thoughts
Tying me to this very minute
Which I can only maintain in short~

A foreign world dwells inside my head
Deeper than any dream, its haunting hovers over me.
Days and nights rotate in present slumber
Inside a cave they call my sanity.

Here my thoughts entwine with slumbering madness
Colorfully clear in perception,
Translucent in mist upon my heart.
To think is only thoughts and nothing more
Yet my mind tells me otherwise,
So I sit in darkness hallucinating and unraveling.

Words and images aggressively twist in playback
Lightning blinds in white striking in the same place.
I am locked without an exit or passage
Trying to concentrate and unraveling the smallest of knots.
Still I look back giving it more strength and desire
A diversion that I created and own onto myself.

How brittle and small my mind can instill upon me
How dangerous are my thoughtless dark reflections.
In my eye’s center, I see a light that emerges.
My journey continues,
Perhaps beyond my last breath,
When I think to this in hallucinating thoughts.

© Linda Moon

Artist Unknown

Keeper of Silence

Inspired by Tibetan Snow by George Sundancer

Bestowed upon me centuries ago
I glide with the prevailing wings of a raven.
Encompassing the high heavens
Clouds swing and whisper in height,
Where men only dream and measure in words,
Lured by the enchantment of chimes and prayer.

I am the keeper of silence
The beauty of forgotten lands and native tongue.
Mesmerized by snow driven angels
Dwelling on sacred snow caps,
Particles of life and distant past,
I listen and a ‘wait for your journey to begin.

I sing with the jeweled stars and moon light haze
Greetings to valleys; soaring blissfully to the top once more.
I perch upon the tree of life
Inhaling and exhaling the crisp, cool air into my lungs,
As glorious entities comfort me much like today.

I a ‘wait for you upon the tiniest of branches
In the pale sky of blue where you seek solace and love,
In the glistening snow where shadows are of no matter.
I a ‘wait my love, my life.

© Linda Moon

I Want to Remember

I want to remember source unknown

I want to remember all that allures me
To this land, to this flesh and blood.
The pain and the sorrow deeply embedded
The emotions, the forgiven and the letting go.

I want to remember all that allures me
To the universe, the spirits and love.
The peace and enlightened journey
The being of who I am within everything and everyone.

I have space for all that I am.
I am everywhere and nowhere in between.
I exist and I am bound by nothing
Just a soul who flows in the bliss.

© Linda Moon