The Breath Between Us

Harvest Wind`s by Lauri Blank

When we gaze into each other’s eyes
The warm breath between us fills my senses.
And the second I blink,
Thoughts flash through my mind
Like sand passing through time.

There may come a time
When your life is like an ocean.
Tidal waves are overwhelming
Yet unknowingly, we learn to swim,
And let the calmness take us home.

Days and years will pass
Like the shells beneath your feet.
Granular of once wholeness unto itself
Now one among millions of others,
They lay with common purpose.
For times like this
Only last for a moment,
Then turn to shadows in the midst of our breath.

If not for love
Let it be for common ground,
That we embrace this silence and passing.
Unconditionally and without fear,
At this moment,
Just breathe…

© Linda Moon

His Healing Brilliance of Love

Art by Igor Maikov

Sheers of flowing white sails embrace my morning
Swirling watercolors of golden pastel delight.
Silhouettes of what is yet to waken
Upon the reflections of rippling water,
I hear whispers of hope in the birth of this new day.

Songs of the birds echo sweetly in a distant flight
A breeze shimmers in the sand beneath my feet
Rhythms of love intertwine in life and bow before me.
Behold the brilliance of peace that encompasses my every breath.
In stillness, I embrace his healing brilliance of love.

© Linda Moon

Artist: Igor Maikov