Dancing in Stardust

Stardust Dance by Ludovic FLORENT

Through the mist of celestial stardust
I freely release myself unto thee.
Flowing and gliding in my perfections
Rippling in mystery of feathers and flesh
I dance in a miracle of life.

I am scattered fragments
A soft palette reflection of creation,
As my breath dissolves into the Universe
And the universe breathes into me.

I am an instrument by Eternity
Revealing contemplatives in naked truth
Infinite, yet obtainable in reach.

I dance upon an infinite blank page
Sacred in delicate sway and stance.
Unveiling a seduction
Dining in the warmth of faith and hope,
Caressing in the connection of life.

In a glimpse from a distance
Striking a chord in harbored hours
Peer not in captured words.

Reach beyond your flesh of reverie
Touch me with your heart and soul
Caress me in motion
As I freely dance
And offer my hand unto you
In a stardust dance of love.

© Linda Moon

A Stranger of My Own Being


It took me many years to discover
That what I needed to know
Was not found in the obscurity of grayness
Of someone’s mystifying shadows
Fading in and out like mist outside my window.

Instead, it was found in me.
Those present moments of being
Of letting go of who I think I am
And what others thought I might be.

I have been in exile
Of everything around me
A stranger to my own being.
And in those dark vaults of time
Cascading downward,
I could no longer breathe
In the troughs of ineffability.

I have learned to accept
That I do not have to belong
To be a part of the whole
To which others seek in riddles.
And in my holding
Of unanswered letters and songs,
To a stranger that shattered
My illusions of hope and love
I am letting go.

In all their beauty I once bestowed
I have reshaped my heart.
I freely dissolve a polarity of translucent light
Into a universe that has painted me into a higher realm,
Because I alone
No longer hold on to it and cry.

© Linda Moon

Artist Unknown