Love from Within

Mônica Fadul Look at your face in the mirror

With his eyes gazing into my visions
Swirling bliss I begin to unfold
Where his castle embedded in moonlight
Gave desires to our love of ole’.

We dance through green meadows of lilies
Immersing our bodies incite.
Exposed to the bluest of midnights
While he moistened my lips with delight.

I am all that he whispers in mirror
His hands keep the warmth on my skin.
A reflection of how I remember
While I dance with his love from within.

© Linda Moon

Whispers of a Conch Shell

The Immortal II by ~CookmePancakes

I lay restless deep within my coral reef
As he returned a conch shell into my cerulean blue waters.
I felt the countless absolutions of his resonant emotions
Enclosing his hand tightly as he understood in secret,
The soft ripples that echoed away from his heart and into my soul.

I pressed my ear against the pearl pigment shell
Listening to the words he never spoke of.
Cleaving the water with echoed bubbles
Slivers of seaweed entangled my voice,
Dividing into rainbow hues to the surface of my love.

We are much older than our last farewell
As the glimmering shadows of our brightest star
Glare a mist of radiance upon this new day.
In one breath, an enigma of bliss
The celestial sky shall never be the same
Nor the tears that raise the sea in faring tide.

Behold the last whisper of love we may inhabit
For I have become immortal in this voyage
When a moment with him was all I desired.
An utterance of an endearment treasure
Where the whisper of a conch shell shall never end.

© Linda Moon