IIlusions of the Rain

illusions of the rain

When you lay beside her
You can hear the breaking of her heart
Like the pounding rain on a red tin roof.

Her sky is packed tightly with gray clouds
In an interminable beat
That shatters unmercifully into a thousand droplets.

She displaces it
Behind a veil of duplicity
Smothering the truth of words she use to love.

She belongs to the continuum of time
Misguided on an invisible curve
Shadowed by the mist that thatches the heavens
With endless waterfalls between the lines.

She lays under each sentence
Buried in monotonous sound
Like the piping in the gutters,
Melting into an intentional flow.

She falls blindly into the marsh grass
That seeps hopelessly and without reason
Into every crevice of her teeming mind.

The rain was accusing
And annihilated her in a grave
Where everything became weary
And terrifying in its significance.

She was dispensed into wavering intentions
Exposing the discordant emotions
That delve darkness in the night
Absorbing her into the cycle illusions of the rain.

© Linda Moon


Artist Unknown

Barriers of Love

Artist Lera

Love does not place barriers on its own.
We extinguish it with broken promises
We suffocate it with misunderstandings
We famish it by a state of silence
We break it by bending it to our own worthiness
We divide it with self-complacency
We poison it with bitter breath of blame.

Of all the words invented by man
We have tied emotions to each symbol in its name.

Love calls upon us
To look beyond our judgments of imperfections
To remove our actions and thoughts
That obstruct our own creation of unconscious patterns.

We are our worst enemy
We self-destruct
When we do not look behind all the false images
And select pieces of our universe as One love.

For what barriers remain and cannot be dissolved
We are left with the real person
To which we have become.

© Linda Moon