Edge of a Dream

man women kissing in moon

Intuit cognation on the edge of a dream
Ardent love glowing in the light of moon beams.
Soft cotton candy suspends in delight
Rekindles like stars to the skies in the night.

Stardust and planets swirl Starry Night’s paint
As the man in the moon and his lover acquaint.
Embossed in a shadow, dancing on air
Two heavenly bodies moonstricken in glare.

Adorned in undressing, as symphonies play
Mockingbirds mimic their shadow’s display.
And I with my back towards the warmth of the earth
Gaze in adornment till my eyes closed in search.

My soul slowly spun by the strength of his hands
From it my mind landed softly in chant.
We sought out in mystery with love in our dreams
Where you wake in slumber and I in between.
© Linda Moon

Artist Unknown

Tangerine Dream

Relaxation by Drew Desharnais
In the tangerine glaze of sunset
Between the giving bodies of two luscious pines
I find comfort in a woven nest
Swaying among her tender green leaves
As she gently cradles my body into nothingness.

Allowing and trusting,
The gentle rhythm of the breeze
Suspends me in time and space
Between the essence of heaven and earth.
I flow in the passion of all living things
That she freely bestows among my presence.

In these moments, I let go of flesh and thought
I return to the stardust of my existence
And remember why I am in love with life.

© Linda Moon

There’s No Place Like Home

Peter Seminck Oil 2011 Painting SurrenderThe morning sun illuminated the woven sheers
As a gentle cool breeze heightened their length into the air.
The aroma of the sage and lavender enticed her bedroom
As she allowed a soft familiar touch upon her face.

She slowly rolled towards the window
Nestling into a white downy blanket
That encompassed every curve of her body
With the lingering presence of his touch from the night before.

Her eyes remained closed, yet embracing
Recapturing his last warm breath
She felt upon her shoulders and neck.

With a deep breath,
Reality collided in silhouettes
As a silent film canvassed behind her eye lids.
Stippling watercolors gave granular light
Flowing fields of wildflowers swayed gently
Kisses softly glazed her palette with the morning dew.

Every pleasure he bestowed between each breath
Washed over her
Until she reached for him
In the shape of a cold and unworn
Pillow that lay next to her.

She realized that he had made a home inside of her
A home where her heart is warm and tranquil
A home where he finds solace which yearns for love alone
A place to which he returns to only in her dreams.