Another Year Behind Us

The Shore

A year closes behind us
Imprints of our bodies no longer exist
The wind carries our words in pockets of clouds
In safe keeping of those who have spoken them.

The soft rain that sprinkled upon our shoulders
The warmth of the radiant sun that shined upon our faces
Are basking in all the colors to which I see and dream.

Where there is something, there is nothing
For this is where I exist
And the only place to capture my memories
Is in the beating sound of my heart.

© Linda Moon

Celebrating the Publication of Collections of a Sound Mind, Volume 1

Collections of a Sound Mind, Vol 1 CoverI am feeling quite blessed and grateful as I celebrate the publication of my first solo poetry book called “Collections of a Sound Mind, Volume 1.

Many souls have touched my life as I know it.  Some have passed by and taught me lessons along the way.  Many have moved on since then; leaving remnants of shadowed memories.  There are others, though, who have shared each step of this endless mountain that I have climbed and often stumbled upon ~ only to start again as painful or glorious my path has been.

They have encouraged me to move heavy boulders and loved me unconditionally when I didn’t love myself.  They have shown me how to embrace the smallest of sacred moments and to believe that all things are possible even in the darkest of times.

With this, and those words I have yet to find, I dedicate my book in loving memory of my father, my mother, my encouraging soul mate, my inspiring son and all those who have inspired my heart.  Without your unfailing faith, love and confidence while walking with me, I would not have been the kind of person I am today.

May my thoughts resonate a light upon your heart

For we are all miracles in flight…