When Time is Nevermore


No one really knows if we will wake up tomorrow to live another day; how long we have together, to love and be loved, to experience and give kindness or to share ourselves completely with another person.

To put aside our ‘should haves and regrets,’ real life always has obstacles in the way~ a debt that never seems to get paid, deadlines that seem to stretch out beyond our definition of time, heartbreaks that place fear between another chance to feel love… there are so many things we think we have to do first in order to move on.  The truth is that these obstacles are a part of our real life and they are the forthcoming foot prints along our journey.

The tendency to wait for the perfect conditions; to balance timing with convenience is the greatest tragedy in life.  It’s like waiting for that perfect rose garden to grow when all the while we could be enjoying the roses that are blooming right outside our window.

The present time has a powerful advantage over any other time that we know; it belongs to no one but ourselves.  If we choose to put it into a space, later on there will be nothing there.  If we choose to put it on hold, we will never hold it again.

Think of all the years that the Universe has graced us and know that our time together has been set and aligned within the stars.  Know that each moment is within our reach and our time has come and will pass nevermore.

© Linda Moon

Tangerine Dream

Relaxation by Drew Desharnais
In the tangerine glaze of sunset
Between the giving bodies of two luscious pines
I find comfort in a woven nest
Swaying among her tender green leaves
As she gently cradles my body into nothingness.

Allowing and trusting,
The gentle rhythm of the breeze
Suspends me in time and space
Between the essence of heaven and earth.
I flow in the passion of all living things
That she freely bestows among my presence.

In these moments, I let go of flesh and thought
I return to the stardust of my existence
And remember why I am in love with life.

© Linda Moon

Keeper of Silence

Inspired by Tibetan Snow by George Sundancer

Bestowed upon me centuries ago
I glide with the prevailing wings of a raven.
Encompassing the high heavens
Clouds swing and whisper in height,
Where men only dream and measure in words,
Lured by the enchantment of chimes and prayer.

I am the keeper of silence
The beauty of forgotten lands and native tongue.
Mesmerized by snow driven angels
Dwelling on sacred snow caps,
Particles of life and distant past,
I listen and a ‘wait for your journey to begin.

I sing with the jeweled stars and moon light haze
Greetings to valleys; soaring blissfully to the top once more.
I perch upon the tree of life
Inhaling and exhaling the crisp, cool air into my lungs,
As glorious entities comfort me much like today.

I a ‘wait for you upon the tiniest of branches
In the pale sky of blue where you seek solace and love,
In the glistening snow where shadows are of no matter.
I a ‘wait my love, my life.

© Linda Moon

The Creation of Love

Everyone has a gift to give. It's the essence of who they are

Living a beautiful life

can only be attained by choice ~

it requires integrity;


unconditional acceptance;


and most importantly love.

The quality of our lives

is so often dependent

on the questions we ask ourselves.

What do I want?

How can I see this through the eyes of my spirit

rather than through my filter system?

Your intent; that which you are really choosing to create,

is always visible in hindsight.

You can see what your intent has been creating

by looking at the results you have been getting in your life.

The question then becomes,

“Is it your intent to continue with that creation or do you want to create something new?”

Be gentle and loving with yourself

and all your creations;

for love is always the answer ·٠•●♥


© Linda Moon


Ripple Effects Sherry Friel

I sat upon the river’s green edge

And gazed upon reflections

Flowing above their lives.

Colored leaves floating

Without their branches

Swirling with rhyme and reason;

I leaned towards them

And one by one,

I gracefully held them

In the palm of my hand.

Glistening light filled my eyes

Touching every part of my essence

Like no other I have known.

I shall cherish this gift bestowed upon me

For which they came

For new life has come to me.


© Linda Moon

Photograph by Sherry Friel