firefly wallpaper

I am a fleeting light
A momentary aura glowing in glance
Swirling and dancing in enchantment
Flowing in and out of a mirage of golden threads
Into the night of once upon a time.

Rivers run lightly as I waver in the wind
Weaving and fluttering through soft eruptions
That brilliantly wraps me in a cricket’s song
Of lyrical stance from another hemisphere.

Inhaling the fresh scent of honeysuckle
Whisper to me in sweet after taste
Like a liquid effervescent love.
I savor each drop upon my illuminating wings
And garnish its pattern in transformation.

I kiss the breath of enchanting air
Frolic in locks of your hair and your soft neck
Unearthing memories of light
For as long as it takes to absorb your absence.

I am unbinding of wrappings and restraints
In a creaturely world of recurrent habit.
With all creatures, I will tirelessly fade into the starless sky
For it is here you will glance at me in a shimmering evanescent
And know my liberation of impermanence in a starry night.

© Linda Moon

IIlusions of the Rain

illusions of the rain

When you lay beside her
You can hear the breaking of her heart
Like the pounding rain on a red tin roof.

Her sky is packed tightly with gray clouds
In an interminable beat
That shatters unmercifully into a thousand droplets.

She displaces it
Behind a veil of duplicity
Smothering the truth of words she use to love.

She belongs to the continuum of time
Misguided on an invisible curve
Shadowed by the mist that thatches the heavens
With endless waterfalls between the lines.

She lays under each sentence
Buried in monotonous sound
Like the piping in the gutters,
Melting into an intentional flow.

She falls blindly into the marsh grass
That seeps hopelessly and without reason
Into every crevice of her teeming mind.

The rain was accusing
And annihilated her in a grave
Where everything became weary
And terrifying in its significance.

She was dispensed into wavering intentions
Exposing the discordant emotions
That delve darkness in the night
Absorbing her into the cycle illusions of the rain.

© Linda Moon


Artist Unknown