Speaking in Tongues

Peter Seminck Oil 2011 Painting Surrender

We create and define words
Revise the sensations to our deeds
Our hearts become silent painters
As our minds rumble and speak in tongue.

It wasn’t the wind, the fire or the rain
That aligned our comfort with such notions
But the chanting of the unknown
Declaring our freedom to speak
In some revelation of one’s own mind.

I would rather feel the warmth of your body
Than speak ten thousand words in tongue.
I would rather rest a mint upon your tongue
And let it slowly melt into your heart
Than to pronounce or define
The syllables of my love.

© Linda Moon

Prisoner of Words

Love-you-Art mr wallpaper freeThey held each other close
Like a blanket of stars within the sky.
She wanted to tell him of her love
But her words were like prisoners
Held down under her tongue
Unable to escape beyond her lips.

As he released her warm body
His presence faded
Into the cold mist of the evening.
Her words melted and flowed
Down into her heart.
And the only thoughts
That escaped her mind
Was that she loved him a long time ago.

© Linda Moon